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Patriarch Ministries is a Catholic lay ministry that seeks to encourage Catholic Christians to embrace the fullness of faith given by the Holy Spirit using media.  (more…)


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January 2018 update:
New Podcast “Truth of the Spirit”
Entering the 21st century of Evangelization, members of St. Vincent de Paul now share their witness with people on the far corners of the world through a new podcast network that is simple to use for anyone with a smartphone or a computer. Patti Brunner, head of Patriarch Ministries and active leader in Adult Formation, has joined local parishioners in the Padua Podcast Network. Her show ‘Truth of the Spirit’ relates her personal experiences with the Holy Spirit and the teachings of the Catholic Church in a bold new way. Her show will cover topics that instruct listeners in living a life in the Spirit. The topic of the series that will launch her podcasts on ITunes and 20 other podcasts networks is “Working through the Chaos of the World to Find Supernatural Peace”. This audio broadcast is free and is available also by subscription. Subscribing to a podcast means that you will be given notification of new shows when available. Podcasts are easily available through apps on smart phone called “Podcasts” and through the podcast category on ITunes. Just ask for “Truth of the Spirit” and play or download to listen at your leisure. To hear the introduction to “Truth of the Spirit” click on the links on this page. Other initial shows on the Padua Broadcast Network are “Wonderful Life” by Tom Rohr about local philanthropists and “Running: A Fever” by Michael Davis, the journey of one man’s quest for change through running. Patti Brunner, whose radio show “Living Seasons of Change” is available in the archives of Paduamedia.com, is familiar to those attending the Arkansas Catholic Charismatic Conference where she has served as the Emcee for the past few years.

Men of Faith Catholic Bible Study is offered conveniently at two different times. Sunday 8:30 – 9:45 am OR Thursday 9:00-10:15 am. All men are welcome to drop in and participate. Bring your bible. If you don’t have one, Church owned bibles are available for on-site use at Patriarch House.

Merciful Heart Prayer Group Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at Patriarch House in Rogers AR. Contact Rebecca Brandes (316) 258-2583.

Spiritual Formation at Patriarch House The evenings begin at 7pm and conclude by 8:30 pm. The talks will be given at the comfortable setting of Patriarch House at 1230 W. Poplar a block from SVdP. All are welcome to come and relax in the moment of the day and find hope and faith building solutions. For more information contact Patti Brunner 479-619-5284 or Karen Peters, 479-636-4020. Parking available at SVdP or the Community Clinic.

St. Andrew School of Evangelization teams provide educational courses for the parish. Approved by the Diocese of Little Rock school courses are offered in 65 countries. New Life is offered as an introductory course. Courses are offered on SVdP campus during week-end retreats. Contact Karen Peters 479-636-4020 for additional information.
Emmaus is offered February 9-10, 2018. Preregistration is required.

The Catholic Liturgical Cycle for 2018 is Year B
See these great links on this page for reflections on the readings:
January Season of New Beginning [Epiphany]
February Season of Traveling with Jesus [wks 4-7]
March Season of Purpose [Lent]

Click link Padua Media Catholic Radio or http://www.paduamedia.com/  and listen to the archives. For references and outline click on the season of your choice listed on the right side of your screen.
The Living Seasons of Change radio show on Catholic radio KDUA 96.5FM in Rogers, AR
To listen to this show online click http://www.paduamedia.com/living-seasons/ or http://www.paduamedia.com/ and listen to the audio archives.  Check out the above programs and those listed to the right of this screen.
Patriarch House, is dedicated exclusively for ministry and currently is providing meeting space for small faith sharing groups and adult spiritual formation. It’s location is near the campus of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Rogers, AR, See more on Facebook. See the link Patriarch House for more information.